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The main part of the phone – is its screen. For this reason, the, gadget on the one hand, needs extra, protection and on the other, it can’t hurt to have a little personality. After all, all modern phones are quite similar. phone case for Samsung J2 Prime will help give your gadget uniqueness, while ensuring its safe operation. Endorphone will manufacture and deliver your phone case in the shortest possible time: no later than 2, in 2 business days.

To stay like new

A fragile device – Samsung Galaxy Prime smartphone – needs protection. And it’s not just the screen, which can break from a simple fall from the table. The phone case of the smartphone is also in danger: with constant use, it is covered with scratches and scuffs,and chips form on the corners and edges. All this spoils the look of the phone, so it does not hurt to take care of it and buy a phone case.

plastic or silicone accessory will help protect your gadget and a fall. By taking the brunt of the impact, it will prevent damage to the glass. Your phone will retain its excellent appearance and will not break.

Available Materials

Since the main function, which the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, phone case has is protection, then you must choose the right material. In the store-studio Endorphone you can order an accessory made of silicone or plastic. The silicone option – is a transparent product, patterned on its back cover. The rims remain unsealed. If the pattern is translucent, then part of the lid will not be covered by the print either.

The entire plastic is sealed. But there are options here, too. If you like, when the picture is covered absolutely all over the phone case, then choose the option of three-dimensional printing. The surface can be matte or glossy. It is possible to make a two-dimensional print, it is applied to a special ultra-thin plastic, which is almost not felt when using the phone.

Vivid individuality

To choose the right, option, browse the catalog: there are many prints for every taste. And for those,who want to express themselves creatively,will love the idea of creating their own exclusive design. On our website, it’s amazingly easy to do so:

  1. Open the Layout Designer,the link to it is above – you won’t miss it.
  2. Pick a beautiful image and upload it. Note, that the picture quality must be high, for the print to print clearly.
  3. Now position the picture correctly: adjust its position and size.
  4. Add lettering, different effects.
  5. When the result is decent, click the checkout button.

As a bonus, you will receive the wallpaper file with the selected pattern. It looks very interesting when the print on the phone case and the screensaver picture are the same.

Time to order

Features of Endorphone phone cases:

  • high quality;
  • print is covered with a protective layer;
  • you can set a custom design;
  • the print library is very rich.

For Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime the phone case will be printed and delivered to United States in no more than , 2 business days. In some phone cases you can get your order the very next day! You will see exactly the same , phone case you customized on your screen. Same color, brightness: the result will be very high quality and beautiful.

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