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A good accessory not only performs an important function, but also fits into a person’s image. And this is especially true when it comes to phone cases. At Endorphone store you will find a wide variety of phone cases for every taste. Materials – silicone and plastic. If you can’t find the model that fully satisfies you in our catalog, you can create your own layout: we will print it and deliver it to you. On United States the phone case for Samsung J5 Prime will be delivered not later than , in 2 working days.

No damage

phone – fragile gadget. It can fall, off the table, slip out of your hands, fall out when you try to put it in your pocket. Most of these falls end up with all kinds of damages: somewhere the glass breaks, somewhere it gets chipped. The most common repair of smartphones – is the replacement of the screen due to the fact that it broke or covered with cracks. But even the simplest protective bumper will help protect against such problems.

A plastic or silicone phone case will also help against another nuisance: wear and tear on the phone case. When you use your device, it rubs against pockets or other surfaces. Various abrasions occur, and the once new and shiny gadget loses its look. To prevent this from happening, just use a phone case. Our store has many options for phone cases, and each of them will help you deal with these typical troubles.

Available Materials

We offer plastic and silicone phone cases. Silicone – it is a pleasant to the touch and elastic material, it is excellent shock absorption and long life. The phone case itself is transparent, but can be printed on. The back cover, seals the sides remain colorless. The pattern may not be solid, then the cover will remain transparent in places.

Plastic phone cases are light and thin. They are also great for protecting your device. You can put a picture on the back cover. The , plastic phone cases feature that they are loved, for is their thickness. These are ultra-thin, options that feel almost nothing when you use them.

Benefits of Endorphone phone cases

Every phone case for Samsung Galaxy Prime has the following features:

  • perfectly fits the size of the phone. All phone cases fit tightly, they do not interfere with the phone, buttons conveniently pressed. Headphone holes, charging and other slots, all in their place;
  • prints are applied using high quality Japanese printing equipment. This is what allows for such accurate color reproduction. For you, this means that the colors you see on your screen will also be on the phone case: As bright and saturated;
  • each accessory is covered on top with a protective layer, that prevents the print from rubbing off;
  • phone cases are pleasant to hold, they do not slip, the phone in them will not fall out of your hands.

Own layout

If you do not find something that fits, perfectly but have your own idea about the phone case, then try creating your print. To do this, use the constructor on the site. You can just upload your photo and print a phone case using it, or you can be creative and create a witty and unusual solution. In any phone case, will turn out a unique accessory, which has no analogues anywhere else. So it is worth a try.

  1. Open the designer and upload a photo there. You can upload a picture from the social networks. It is important, that its vertical resolution exceeds 1000 pixels: this will play a role in printing.
  2. Position the picture the way you want, stretch or rotate it.
  3. Apply the, caption if you like. You can use other effects as well.
  4. When you like the result, order and send it for printing.
  5. The cover will be printed and delivered as soon as possible. If you create the layout in the morning before 14,, you can get the finished result the next day.

As a bonus you get a free picture -email; background for the main screen of your smartphone. Combined with a phone case with the same print, it will look unusual and stylish.

Do not deny yourself

Products from our store are sold at a very low cost. On the Samsung J5 Prime phone case with its own print will not cost more than if you buy one in a store. So you can afford to be creative and create a few different options. And then change them by mood.

The creative process – important business, so if the inspiration hit, and you created several layouts, then you can print them all. For your phone model, you’ll get some cute and unique,phone cases that express your view of the world and translate your own character.

choice in the catalog

Those, who do not dare to create their own design, can recommend a good look for a suitable phone case in our catalog. The best designers worked on the, collections, so everyone will be able to find an interesting option.

All phone cases, presented in the store Endorphone, are sorted into several categories.

  • Collections – different designers have created entire series on a particular, theme to satisfy any customer’s wishes.
  • Color – sort all available items by color, to choose only those, that you will definitely like.
  • Gender – if you like purely feminine or purely masculine, items, this filter will help you choose the right one. There is a unisex, option it will suit those, who do not want to emphasize anything.
  • Material – different models in the collections are optimized for one material or another. If you prefer plastic or silicone, you can immediately cut off anything, that doesn’t really fit.

Why buy from us

Shop-studio Endorphone offers high-quality phone cases for smartphones, there are options for almost any phone model of almost any brand. It’s hard to find a variety of, for which we do not have phone cases. Choosing to buy from us you can be, sure that you will find great options for your phone.

All phone cases are printed on the best, equipment and the result is really nice: it is a good-quality thing, that will last a long time. We pay special attention to detail, so the phone cases are really high quality.

It is, important for the company that customers can get their results quickly. Therefore, all orders are printed immediately as they come in. And immediately given to delivery. This allows them to be processed, sometimes within 1 day. For United States, the timing of printing and delivery does not exceed 2 working days.

Excellent service and special attention to quality, which is given by Endorphone% employees to each phone case, can count on a decent result. That is why many of our customers become loyal: they order phone cases from us again and again.

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