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Designer phone case for Samsung J6 Plus – this is an interesting accessory. And if it is made by you personally, then even better – your own unique look of the phone is ensured. In Endorphone store you can buy silicone or plastic phone case, drawing on which you can choose yourself. Fast delivery, quality printing and easy cooperation, and as a result – a fashionable and beautiful phone case.

Safety first

Display protection – is something, should take care of. Any fall off the, table, slipping out of your hands or anything like that – and the screen goes cracked. Sometimes it breaks so, that the gadget cannot be used. It is not very pleasant in any phone case and according to the statistics of service centers replacement of glass is the most frequent repair.

And the beautiful and new Samsung Galaxy Plus wears out, if you just use it every day. The phone case gets scratches, on the corners and bends develop scuffs. It is recommended that you protect your device from this kind of damage right away with a phone case. Even the simplest silicone or plastic phone case will do an excellent job.

Available materials

In our store you can buy a phone case for Samsung J6 Plus in the following materials:

  • silicone;
  • matt plastic with 3D printing;
  • thin plastic, print on back cover only;
  • black TPU silicone.

Transparent silicone – is a, material that perfectly protects your gadget from impact. The back cover can be sealed. The sides remain transparent. The situation is similar with thin plastic: a two-dimensional print will also be only on the back cover. The, difference between these options is that the silicone phone case is slightly thicker and softer to the touch, it is more elastic. The plastic is thin, it is almost invisible in your hands.

Another type of plastic, with a matte surface is also available. Here you can cover not only the back of the, lid but also the sides. You get a three-d version. Looks very interesting.

Black silicone has an additional feature, besides color. Inside such a phone case has a thin layer of microfiber, which provides the most gentle treatment of the phone surface.

Customized design

The site offers a wide range of, phone cases that are sorted by design collections. You can use filters by color or gender (female, male or unisex options). But if none of the suggested designs satisfies you completely, then it’s time to try creating your own layout.

  1. Open the designer and upload a picture there.
  2. Adjust its position.
  3. Apply additional effects, add captions, if necessary.
  4. Select the material type.
  5. When the, result is ready, proceed to design.

This simple set of actions will produce your own exclusive product, which no one else in the world will have.

What makes Endorphone phone cases

Each Samsung Galaxy J6 plus, phone case ordered in our store has distinctive features.

  • High quality overall. We make sure that the level of our products is high. Every step of the product is quality controlled.
  • Printing is done with specialized Japanese equipment. All phone cases turn out bright and beautiful, colors match exactly what, you see when you place your order. No faded shades or inconsistency of paint and layout.
  • The dimensions of the phone case match the phone. The phone case fits, well, tightly, not interfering with the phone controls. All openings are in place.
  • Each product is coated with a special compound, so the phone can anti-slip – this means, that it does not slip out of your hands and stays well on inclined surfaces (within certain tilt angles). All of this extends the, life of the device because it falls less. It also protects the phone case from tarnishing and abrasion of the print.

Order now

We suggest you order, without much hesitation and without delay. If the problem of having a cover is already there, then solve it at once, before the gadget falls down and breaks. The company works very fast. Printing is done in one day, delivery in United States the next day. If you order a phone case up to 14, then you can get it from delivery the next day. Individual prints on your own layout also applies.

The store’s policy is that phone cases should not cost much. You can easily make sure of that: the catalog presents high-end models that look really expensive. At the same time, they cost very little. You can safely afford to order several,s, changing them according to your mood.

A beautiful, stylish and bright phone case – this is what, will cheer you up every day and protect your phone from damage. A must-have accessory. Order now and enjoy the result.

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