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Phone case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910H

New development by Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910H – is an example of a great high-performance, ergonomic smartphone with multiple sensors, scanners, fast charging feature and 4K video recording capability.

The body of the device is very well protected from damage and dirt:

  • soft back surface keeps the device from slipping out of your hands;
  • the phone case is edged with a metal frame, increasing its durability;
  • Leather-inspired, rear panel does not leave small scratch marks;
  • Oleophobic coating on the front panel, does not leave fingerprints on it.

Durable phone case – not a panacea against damage!

Despite the relative protection of the body of the device, worth taking care of additional security measures. There is always the possibility of your smartphone falling or being hit. Small scratches are not visible, but large scratches will be visible and ruin the appearance. Strongly contaminated fingers will still contaminate the faceplate.

To avoid these troubles, better still insure and buy an exclusive cover for note 4. Its price is incompatible with the price of a new smartphone phone case – having spent on the phone case, in the future you will avoid much more significant expenses.

phone case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – not only protection, but also decoration!

The main color, in which this model is available – black. With all its external elegance, will never be superfluous additional decoration in the form of an exclusive phone case for Samsung . Gadget manufacturers can not catch the tastes and preferences of every user, so take care of your own style with phone cases for smartphones!

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