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In our store a wide selection of phone cases for different models of smartphones, which are made of quality and durable materials. You can choose any pattern or offer your own. Fast processing of orders and next day delivery. Convenient payment methods and help in resolving any disputed issues. Samsung note 8 phone case can be selected in different colors and graphics. It all depends on client’s preferences and limited imagination.

Our advantages

Good phone cases in the market now quite a lot, but the range in terms of design is so poor, that sometimes want to take a marker and draw a cover yourself. So why not do it? We are ready to help you make your cover bright, colorful and unique. Such a print will only be yours,and the choice depends entirely on personal preferences. Here are a few reasons why, phone case for Samsung galaxy note 8 better buy from us:

  1. Choose only high quality materials (silicone and plastic), which perfectly protect the body, prevent the formation of dents, chips and cracks if your phone falls. Wear resistance reaches 12 months, which makes our store one of the best.
  2. We offer a wide range of graphic designs, which are applied to the surface of the phone case with special equipment. The colors do not burn, not erase or peel, because they penetrate deep into the material and are secured with a protective layer on top.
  3. Let you express yourself, by suggesting your own picture or inscription for printing.
  4. We send the order the next day after placing the order. We let the customer choose the most comfortable ways of delivery.
  5. We offer several payment options, including after receiving the package.
  6. Low cost, which will not hit the family budget. Our phone cases perfectly combine quality and low cost, allowing you to create collections, that will bring together the most custom designs.

online store is always on the side of the buyer, so if, received goods do not meet the requirements, stated on the site, will make a return with a full refund of the amount spent under current law.

daily orders are flying, like hotcakes, to all regions United States. No need to overpay or languish while waiting for your package. We work quickly, so you can become the happy owner of a unique phone case.


Samsung note 8 phone case can be made of the following materials:

  1. Silicone – softer, but no less durable, than plastic. Wraps well around the body, covering the buttons. Features enhanced abrasion resistance. Drawing is applied to the,back,plane leaving the outline transparent.
  2. 3D plastic in matte finish – reliably protects your, device while not warping or cracking on impact. The connectors and buttons remain exposed,and the pattern phone cases the entire surface, including the side edges.
  3. Black dense TPU silicone – the highlight of the phone case is the deep black base, that remains on the sides, where scuffs and discoloration of the material are particularly common with prolonged use. A microfiber, layer is sandwiched between the phone case and your gadget to prevent dents or scratches from forming when you take a hard hit.

phone cases are not afraid of sunlight and moisture, perfectly tolerate cleaning and disinfection. To become a happy owner, it takes just a few clicks:

  1. Select a Samsung, model by entering all parameters.
  2. Select the desired design, which is offered in the gallery.
  3. Enter the desired contact information, including address, phone and delivery method.
  4. Make payment or indicate, payment will be cash on delivery.
  5. Confirm the order.

In the phone case, if the gallery did not look at all on Samsung galaxy note, then you can choose any picture you liked on the Internet or your own photo, which dimensions will be specified in the designer. Further the process of ordering is similar. If you have any questions, then our managers are ready to answer them and help in any situation.

It is possible to choose pair designs, which perfectly highlight the importance and significance of a particular person in your life. By presenting such a souvenir to your,friend or,mom you can always remember the pleasant moments of your life, associated with the dear person. And if he is not near at the moment, then the picture on the phone case will be able to lift your spirits.

Some tips for our customers

Naturally, we are glad to everybody and are ready to put any idea into life, but there are some limitations, which you should know about:

  1. We do not print nude body parts or erotic, content, no matter how beautiful they are. Let’s stay within the bounds of decency,because such a cover can be seen by children!
  2. Do not choose profanity, We will not take the responsibility to release it to the masses. Believe,there is enough of it in our world,and we aim to make it much better.
  3. Communist and Nazi themes, including slogans, symbolism, quotes we also ignore. A phone case is needed,to protect the phone and its owner. Why do you need these slanted views from, and moreover angry provocative remarks about you?

To enjoy the picture quality please, take into account such nuances when choosing your own picture:

  • the higher quality, the better the phone case looks;
  • the picture should be vertical;
  • it should not show prohibited topics.

Pay attention also to such a, point as the phone model. Look carefully, that all parameters are exactly the same, otherwise the phone case may simply not fit in dimensions or overlap the camera.

The very next day the finished product will hit the road, and in 3-4 days will be in the hands of its owner. If you do everything right, then you can in the near future become the owner of a phone case, guaranteeing the safety of your smartphone.

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