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The smartphone – an indispensable thing, it is always with everyone. But these gadgets look very similar: modern devices are one huge screen. There’s very little room for design or personality. But everything changes when you buy a stylish phone case for Samsung S10 Lite. Now your device can not be confused with any other device! And it provides security of using your smartphone. Our online store offers phone cases to buy designer phone cases for your model or print your own: we will produce and deliver them in 1-2 working days.

Why the phone needs protection

Like other gadgets, Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite has increased fragility. No matter how hard manufacturers try to make phones sturdier, it is very difficult to achieve this. After all, the main part of the device – large glass. Therefore, any fall can cause, that the device will fall into disrepair.

Silicone or plastic phone case is quite capable of protecting your gadget from such problems. It will take the load of the shock and your phone will remain unscathed if dropped.

Another unpleasant phenomenon – wear and tear of the phone case and its contamination. From such a Samsung S10 Lite phone case is quite capable of protecting.

phone case Options

We offer several options.

  • Silicone. An accessory made of resilient and elastic material,can fully protect your gadget. Silicone is transparent, so the phone case will also be so. The print phone cases the back, the sides will be colorless.
  • Plastic. We offer two plastic options: matt 3D printed and ultra-thin, which has a print covered back cover.
  • Polyurethane TPU or black silicone. This is a fairly new, material that provides great protection for your smartphone. It has a thin layer of microfiber, inside so it protects your gadget from wear and tear especially gently. The print is applied to the back, side edges are black.

Personal design

You can choose something from our catalog (there’s so much in it!, or you can create your own unique design. Both options are good. The best, designers have worked on the catalog and you can find really unusual and trendy print options there. Many people stop at this, because the layout is already beautifully prepared, and you don’t have to do anything yourself.

those, who want to show their own individuality, we offer to print their Samsung S10 Lite phone case. The constructor on our website will make it easy to figure it out. You will not get confused: the prompts will help you figure it out in a couple of minutes and make your layout.

Order from Endorphone

Choosing, where to buy for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite phone case, many are looking for a quality option, that would match the brand of smartphone. Our store offers just such phone cases, solid and reliable.

Print is made with special Japanese equipment with excellent color reproduction. Hues on your cover will be bright and juicy, you will love the result. Each product is covered with an innovative protective layer, which protects the print and provides a pleasant tactile contact with the surface of the product.

Delivery to United States is done in 1 business day.

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