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Endorphone wearable and spectacular phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - flagship model of the Korean manufacturer, most anticipated device in 2017. Unique design, powerful «stuffing», wide functionality - the device is able to satisfy the demands of even the most sophisticated «users».

Despite all the advantages of «Eighth Galaxy», during operation it is possible to damage the screen or its other important parts. To ensure that the aesthetic appeal of the gadget does not fade under the pressure of,scratches and chips, should consider a phone case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. A wide range of quality accessories presented in the catalog of the online store «EndorPhone». Choose the best option for your phone and we will provide you with the best service.

Feasibility of purchase

It is wrong to think, that the phone case for "Samsung Galaxy C8 Plus" serves only a decorative function. This accessory is much more important, than it may seem at first glance. Yes, manufacturers produce stylish models, designed with current fashion trends, so that each user can choose the best option for themselves. But actually the phone case performs several functions. The use of a protective accessory allows:

  • prevent the appearance on the body and screen, scuffs, scratches and other mechanical damage;
  • protect the phone from contact with liquid;
  • provide ease of use (putting a phone case on the Samsung S8 Plus, will not have to worry about the, that the cutting-edge device will slip out of your hands);
  • decorate smartphone and showphone case the individual style of the owner.

Before you buy a phone case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, should decide, what function is a priority for you: protective, practical or still decorative.

Abundance of choice

For the production of protective accessories for Galaxy S8 Plus are used different materials: rubber, leather, fabric, metal, wood. A worthy alternative to the latter is silicone and plastic. Brightness and usability will provide the first option. Silicone products will definitely be appreciated by the lovers of saturated colors. Such accessories have a catchy design and good performance properties. Especially popular on the market are the products made of TPU-silicone or , in other words, thermoplastic polyurethane. This material has a number of advantages:

  • good, elasticity, not dependent on ambient temperature. Products do not stretch under the rays of the scorching sun and do not deform in the cold. Due to their good elasticity, they can withstand numerous manipulations, they can be bent in any direction without fear of cracking;
  • resistance to mechanical damage. The flexible TPU-silicone won’t have scuffs and scratches for a long time. Attractive appearance of the cover lasts for years;
  • anti-static. Silicone surface does not accumulate static electricity;
  • durability. Even if you take the cover off and on frequently, it will last up to 5 years or More.

Another advantage of the, accessory made from the specified, material - damping properties. Absorption of up to 50% of mechanical impact when dropping the device can safely call a silicone phone case flagship in security. A tight fit to the body of the device prevents the accumulation of dust and moisture. Thermopolyurethane model combines the best qualities of silicone and plastic. Low price makes the product affordable to a wide audience of users. Protective silicone element has almost no effect on the weight and size of the «Eighth Galaxy». Huge selection of colors and different textures allows you to surprise people around you every day with original design.

Those, who prefer simplicity and ergonomics, will definitely appreciate the plastic accessory. Strict leather or soft rubber will not appeal to everyone. But the plastic phone case fits snugly around the body of the device as if it were real. Among its advantages include:

  • light weight, so it almost does not increase the size of the smartphone;
  • resistance to deformation and abrasion;
  • immunity to moisture and temperature changes;
  • design variety.

The phone case for Galaxy S8 Plus will not protect your smartphone, from severe shock, but the role of a decorative element copes with 5 +.

Stylish «dress»

phone cases for Galaxy S8 Plus are represented by several modifications. For many users, the form factor is decisive when choosing «armor» for the smartphone. The most popular options:

  • overlay. It is the perfect solution to protect the side edges and back of your mobile device. In this phone case the design of the product does not provide screen protection. And that is the most vulnerable place of any smartphone. To give your cell phone the maximum level of protection it is important to use the overlay in tandem with the tempered glass. Its price is low, so you can buy several interesting options at once;
  • «bumper». In appearance, it represents a rectangular frame, whose main task is to protect only the side edges of the cell phone. Such models are preferred by supporters of minimalism;
  • flips and 'books'. These are,phone cases with an attractive design and good functionality. They protect both the back panel and sides of the phone, and its screen. The inner surface of these products is trimmed with soft microfiber, thus achieving maximum protection of the display from scratches. Flip or book ndash; - these are flagships in the security. The top cover of modern models has a small viewing window, due to which it is ensured the maximum comfort when using the phone. In addition, flip-back can be transformed into a stand if necessary. Movie lovers will definitely appreciate this advantage. The main disadvantage of these models - high price and boring design.

Which option to prefer? In fact, it is impossible to pick up a universal phone case. Each user has his own requirements for the accessory. Some people put protection in the first place, and some prioritize design, quality of the material used to make the accessory, or cost. Decide,what’s more important to you,and you’ll easily choose a phone case for Galaxy S8 Plus.

Comfortable shopping

In the online store «EndorPhone» you can order protective accessories for Galaxy S8 Plus, differing with high quality manufacturing and original design. In the manufacture of phone cases used:

  • durable and safe materials;
  • wearable colors;
  • creative ideas in designing products.

Accessories are made strictly to the size of the smartphone, taking into account the existing holes, so do not limit its functionality. Presented in the catalog models conform to current trends and trends in fashion. We guarantee our customers special conditions of cooperation:

  • favorable price, free from the nagging mediators;
  • delivery laquo; delivery service for 1 – 2 days. Sending orders to any locality United States;
  • payment upon receipt;
  • professional advice;
  • interesting bonuses when ordering exclusive models.

We profit by meeting customer needs, providing them with quality products, bringing maximum benefit. The phone case from Endorphone online store fits tightly around your mobile device, giving it solidity and individuality. If you have any difficulties with the choice of accessory, please contact our specialist by phone or via e-mail. Quick and professional answer guaranteed!

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